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I'm a bit of a booknerd who likes to make book inspired fanart. When I read books I always feel this undeniable urge to make certain scenes, characters and chapters come to life! I always get inspired by reading stories and I love illustrating them.


I have a background in art and design. I first studied at the art academy where I majored in audiovisual design. I did illustration, graphic design, videography, photography and animation. Later I decided to do a second study, Industrial product design and engineering. Here I learned a lot about design, perspective and continued to work on my drawing skills.


I’ve been doing art my entire life but always used to do traditional art. Only recently have I been introduced to digital art and I immediately fell in love. As an artist you’re never done perfecting your skills and I would love for you to be part of this journey! By commissioning me you’ll not only get your desired artwork but you’ll also help me broaden my horizon and help me grow as an artist! In return I'll try my very best to bring your fantasies to life!




Fandoms I'm Familiar with

I will draw any character from any book, movie or series, even OC's but here are some of the fandoms I'm most familiar with. 

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (books)

  • Crescent City (books)

  • Throne of Glass (books)

  • Harry Potter (books & films)

  • Plated Prisoner (books)

  • Red Queen (books)

  • The Mortal Instruments (books & series)

  • The hunger games (books & films)

  • Divergent (books & films)

  • Twilight (books & films)

  • The maze runner (books & films)

  • Disney

  • The Witcher (series)

  • Peaky blinders (series)

  • Vampire diaries (series)

  • The originals (series)

  • Teen wolf (series) 

  • Once upon a time (series) 

  • Game of thrones (series )

  • The walking dead (series )

  • Locke and Key (series)

  • Stranger things (series)

And probably a lot more that I can't think of at the moment... 

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