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This is an example of how a commission process with me usually goes. Every commission is different though, some commissioners know exactly what they want and others like to brainstorm with me. I'm down for both ways.

The process obviously starts with the commissioner sending an idea for a commission. Requests can be send via email or fill out the commission request form on this website. When you request a commission be very specific and detailed about what you want. This will make it a lot easier for me to make your fantasy come to life! If you want, feel free to include any reference/ inspiration pictures, moodboards and color schemes in the email as this is very helpful!

Once I accept the commission, you will receive a final quote for your commission and the estimated time I’ll need to complete it! I work on a 100% prepayment basis, this means that only after you’ve paid the full asking price, I will start sketching. Payment is always through Paypal! 

Depending on the complexity of the commission, I'll start with some napkin sketches to experiment/ research what the piece is going to look like. These sketches are just quick and dirty, to give you an idea of what I have in mind. (I don't always do this, only for big and complexer pieces)

Napkin sketch.jpg

Example of a napkin sketch 

Final sketch.JPG

After we have discussed the napkin sketch I'll make an official digital sketch of the piece. Often I will add a bit of light and dark to give you a better sense of lighting in the artwork. I will send you the sketch and you are able to make any changes you’d like.

Digital sketch (with highlight and shadow indications)

Once the sketch is approved, I'll start working on the fully rendered greyscale. At the same time we’ll go over any details like color scheme, clothing details, jewelry etc. Like I mentioned before, some commissioners know exactly what they want and some would like to brainstorm about it. If that's the case I will often make some examples to give the commissioner a better understanding of what the piece will look like. 

Example A.JPG
Example B.JPG
Example C.JPG

Three examples of what the colour scheme could look like

Fully Rendered Greyscale.jpg

When I have finished the fully rendered greyscale painting I will once again check in with you so you can review the art. There's always a possibility to change some minor things but the overall composition of the painting will stay like this. 

Finished Greyscale render

Final ArtWork.jpg

Once we agree on the colourscheme and the greyscale has been approved I will finish the commission. Upon completion I’ll send you the artwork to review. You are allowed to make minor changes but only once! When everyone is happy with the artwork, I’ll send the commissioner the completed digital artwork in high resolution. You will only receive a digital file, no physical copy!

Fully rendered, finished artwork

Are you interested in commissioning me? Fill out the commission request form or email me at !

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